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Flags of All World Countries


Do you know how the Mexican flag looks like? Do you remember the order of colors on the Irish flag? This app will refresh your memory of national flags and you'll learn beautiful flags of such exotic countries as Sri Lanka or Dominica.Why do I prefer this app to many other apps about flags? Because it has all flags of all 197 independent countries of the World! It is extremely user-friendly. You will always get a hint whether you're right or wrong. Thus, you'll never get stuck by the question for which you don't know the answer.
Give 50 correct answers in the first easy level to get an access to the second level with the flags of more exotic countries.
Choose the game mode and find the state flag of your country: * Spelling quizzes (easy and hard)* Multiple-choice quizzes - "challenges" (also easy and hard)* Time game (give as many answers as you can 1 minute)
* The app is translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Swedish, and Dutch languages.
Guess the National Flag of Your State!